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Slam lock romford

Lockable Pedal Box

Transit Sliding Door Handle Plate

Side Door Repair Plate

Sprinter anti drill disc plate

  • High grade steel construction, finished in yellow.

  • Prevents unwanted access to pedals

  • Also has a container for valuables

  • Fits on mostly all vans

  • High quality side door repair plate, helps cover drilling damage and protects the side door mechanism.

  • 2 part plate - one external fitting, one internal fitting.

  • Comes in different plates for different vans.(Ford Transit, Ford Custom, Vaxuall Vivaro and Renualt traffic ect.)


  • The sliding door handle plate protects the internal handle from being opened from the outside by thieves.  

  • Anti drill protection plate which protects the internal from being tampered with, leading to a break in.

  • Includes internal reinforcement plate for additional  

Ford Transit Loom Guard

  • The gap in the rear barn door, near the hinge exposes a wiring loom. Cutting the loom will cause the doors to be unlocked.

  • The loom guard prevents wires from being cut.

Van security locks in forest gate c71310 Transit loom guard van security ilford

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vivaro rear door plate
  • High quality stainless steel plate.

  • Covers drilling damage and protects rear door.

Vivaro rear door repair plate